2018-2021 Gowrie NSW's Strategic Intent

Our Values


Respect and care for children, our people and the communities we support, are fundamental.


A proud surplus-for-purpose organisation, we are committed to achieving the highest quality outcomes, innovation and research.


Through diversity, trust and collaboration we find our strength and can fulfill our vision.


We are genuine and accountable: we do what we say we will do.


We are guided by high ethical standards and are transparent in everything we do.

Greater Reach with Greater Impact

At Gowrie NSW our key strategic priority of achieving 'Greater Reach with Greater Impact' for children, families and professional educators is achieved through our people and programs tailored to create future leaders.

Leading Brand

Our brand is our identity and philosophy and represents how we make a difference to the hearts and minds of those we serve.

Progressive Culture

Our people are our strength with an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional outcomes.

 Effective Systems

Exceptional outcomes are achieved through continuous improvement and alignment of systems and processes.

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