New Zealand Study Tour

Gowrie NSW will be hosting a fantastic study tour on early childhood education in October this year in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. Gowrie NSW have partnered with early childhood experts Toni and Robin Christie to share their knowledge around early learning spaces and their teaching practices. They are the founders of Childspace Institute, an early education organisation committed to improving Early Childhood provision and practices and own four centres in Wellington.

Toni & Robin Christie

Experts in early childhood education, Toni and Robin Christie are the Childspace guides for this wonderful New Zealand Study Tour. Toni is internationally renowned for her expertise and contributions in the field of infant and toddler research and writing. She covers a wide range of subjects in early childhood education such as leadership, communication, emotional development, respectful care, behavior guidance and self- review. Complimenting Toni’s expertise in early childhood learning is her partner Robin who specialises in designing and building children’s playgrounds, furnishings and equipment and is passionate about natural and aesthetic environments for young children.

Find out more about Toni and Robin Christie here.

Childspace Institute

The tour will take place at the various Childspace centres, an education organisation committed to improving Early Childhood Education. The Childspace Early Childhood institute owns four early childhood centres in Wellington and provide inspiration for practical professional development, resources and designs.

Find out more about the Childspace Early Childhood Institute here.

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