The Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education & Care is located in the Eastern Sydney suburb of Malabar and offers a program rich in collaboration with children, families and the community. Encouraging meaningful engagement with the wider community has been shown to improve family life outcomes and is vital to the Centre’s operational values.

The Centre has a strong focus on supporting children to develop respect, care and appreciation for the natural environment. The Centre takes an active role in caring for its environment and supporting children and families to become environmentally responsible within the Centre and beyond. Children are provided with the opportunity to play in the rain, make mud pies, explore water, balance and climb over large wooden logs and use sticks and stones and other natural elements in their play experience.

The Centre provides a warm and calm atmosphere, where families, children and educators feel a sense of belonging. Educators at the Centre recognise that the most significant people in a child’s life are their family. Families’ views and perspectives are always be sought and considered in the care and education of their children. We also aim to reflect children’s family’ contexts within the program.

Educators use their diverse knowledge to promote children’s learning through creating physical and social learning environments that allow for positive interactions and learning to occur.

The arrangement of equipment in each room allows for children to move freely and supports children to engage in exploration, experimentation and discovery. The Centre has a flexible program and children can move freely between both indoor and outdoor spaces. Children are provided with the opportunity to be involved in a range of curriculum areas throughout the day.

The Centre takes a sustainable approach within the community by reducing electricity consumption, purchasing environmental responsible supplies and equipment and reducing the amount of water usage.

The sustainable practices that are embedded within the program and operations of the Centre are recycling, a worm farm, compost heap, gardening, looking after animals, using recyclable products, reusing reusable products.

The children are supported to understand why and how they can take responsibility in caring for the environment and the world around us. The children are avid gardeners and use the worm fertiliser to feed our gardens. Children care for and harvest the produce from our eatable garden beds. The children give the produce from our garden to the cook to prepare for their meal times and also take home herbs to use for family cooking experience


  • Respect matters - We value and honour diversity and accept and celebrate differences. 
  • The environment as the third teacher -We believe in a sense of wonder and belonging to the natural environment.
  • Critical reflection enriches our practice- Reflection in action and reflection on practice leads to ongoing improvement.
  • Wellbeing -Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, families, each other and the community is paramount to our practice.
  • Children’s rights- We believe in building a community where children’s rights are respected and their voices are heard.

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2 - 4 Austral Street Malabar 2036
Phone number
(02) 8571 9758
Thanh Phan
6 weeks to school age. Priority is given to families who work for Corrective Services NSW and Justice Health.
Mon-Fri, 6.30am-6:00pm

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Our children are our greatest hope... every thinking person must realise that when this bitter strife is over we must build up a better world, and it is only through the children that this can be done.

- Lady Zara Gowrie


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