Each centre is unique and draws on the strengths of the community. The traditional owners of the land are acknowledged as original custodians and each centre and program incorporates elements of culture into its landscape and practice.

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We honour the cultures, languages, religions, traditions and child rearing practices of all families and celebrate the diversity of our staff who include their language and culture in the program.

We actively support remote and Indigenous communities through participation in the Inclusion support program through our Indigenous Professional Development Unit.

We recruit staff from a range of backgrounds and consult widely on policies and procedures. Gowrie staff speak 29 different languages.

In 2015 Gowrie NSW demonstrated its commitment to inclusion by completing its Reconciliation Action Plan under the guidance of reconciliation Australia.

We support children and families from minority groups through strong relationships and understanding with an emphasis on creating a sense of belonging and community. The Kidsmatter national mental health promotion, prevention and intervention framework developed for early childhood centres guides our thinking and practice to create a sense of community, develop children’s social and emotional skills, work with parents and carers and help children who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

Our parent libraries include a diverse range of resources and fact sheets for families. Each centre draws on the knowledge of health professionals and network groups within the operation of the program and provides access to free screening checks for children the year before school.

We place importance on children developing an understanding and connection with the broader community through visits to local business, community and green spaces supporting economic sustainability and community participation.

We work to ensure that children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child are respected through our daily interactions and relationships with children and through advocacy of children in national and world celebrations including Children's Week and International Mud Day.



Our children are our greatest hope... every thinking person must realise that when this bitter strife is over we must build up a better world, and it is only through the children that this can be done.

- Lady Zara Gowrie


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